Blogs, Websites, and Other Writings

I both write and have written for several film and media blogs. All of my most recent links can be found on my Clippingsme Portfolio page.


Rotten Tomatoes:



Citizen Dame podcast: Four female film critics discuss everything film and feminism

My page:

CC2K: Recently revamped site for film, TV, and media, with a diverse writing staff

My page:

We Got This Covered: The only place for movie news and features.

My page:

Movies, Film, CinemaA recent online film journal, covering festivals, indie films, and mainstream releases.

Man, I Love Films: Kai and Dylan have really created a great site that I’m proud to continue to write for, now almost a year in.  Click around on the site for all sorts of cinematic amazingness (and some pretty cool writers).

My page:

The ArtificeOnline magazine full of film, television, literature and art.

My page:


Print Publications

My work on The Avengers has been featured in several collections. Links below.

The Hour That Never Was: The Avengers: Classic British Television Drama Volume 1 

Avengerland Revisited: The Definitive Guide: The Avengers of film: Volume 5 (The Avengers on film)

Avengerland Regained: Reassessing The New Avengers: The Avengers on Film Volume 4

Anticlockwise: The Psychedelic World of Tara King (The Avengers on Film) (Volume 3)

Mrs Peel, We’re Needed: The Technicolor world of Emma Peel (The Avengers on film) (Volume 2)

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